Our Story

Where it Began

The year was 1988 when Dave & Nancy Fehr got married and purchased an old homestead with an outdated and well-used seed/feed mill elevator on it, (many years earlier known as CC Reimer’s Haskett Feed Mill) situated 13 miles south of Winkler on Hwy 32.

Dave started mixing his own hog feed because he could do it inside the old feed mill on their property, which was better than working outside in the cold with his mix-mill in the Village of Rosengart where he owned and operated his hog farm.

Demand for Feed

Soon friends and neighbors started requesting feed for their animals. As the livestock industry grew, so did the demand for feed. In 1995, he purchased a ’75 International truck and feed box and started delivering the product. The next year, they officially registered the name “Fehrway Feeds & Livestock Equipment”. Dave & Nancy never envisioned being the owners of a feed mill as it has become today.


Retail Store

Besides the feed mill operation, Fehrway Feeds expanded with a retail store, on site, in 2004.

Only 5 years later, the continued demand for convenience and ongoing commitment to customer service, Fehrway Feeds seized the opportunity to expand once again. It opened its doors to a second retail store in 2009 in the City of Winkler. And, in May of 2015, another store was purchased … this time in the Town of Ridgeville, Manitoba (formerly known as Ridgeville Lumber & Hardware). Fehrway was thrilled to open its third retail store and serve our customers out east.


Fehrway Feeds produces feed for hogs, cattle, chickens, horse, sheep, rabbits and more exotic animals like elk and bison.  The feed mill is just 1 mile north of the Canada-U.S.A. Border, which is   ideal for catering to our U.S. customers and hauling feed to North Dakota. Fehrway’s retail stores carry a large inventory of agriculture needs such as medication, tack, cattle identification tags, baler twine, work clothing, gloves, fencing and gardening supplies, as well, as dog and cat food and bird seed.

Every spring the company takes orders for baby chicks, ducks, geese, and turkeys, both exotic and common varieties … on average 40,000 birds are sold through our retail stores every spring season.

Fehrway also sells and delivers cattle equipment, such as bale feeders, panels, wooden fence posts and railway ties.  A post pounder is available for rent.

Customer Care

In Fehrway’s ongoing commitment to serving customers an after-hours-service is available for farmers who need emergency medication for their animals.

Growing Pains

As many businesses experience growing pains from time to time…. Fehrway Feeds is no exception. Dave & Nancy have always had a strong work ethic and continued to strive through the good times and bad.


Blessed beyond measure, their little family doubled in size in December of 1999 … with the birth of their twin sons Tyler & Thomas. And in September of 2004, a  daughter Olivia was born to make the family complete.

Dave & Nancy have always held steadfast in giving God the Glory and putting Christ first in their lives.

10th Year in Business

10th Anniversary

Fehrway Feeds celebrated its 10th year in business in 2006 ….  with an open house and customer appreciation supper on the site where it all began.


Dave & Nancy are very thankful to their employees who have made much of this success possible. Dedicated and committed staff is the key to a successful business and its ability to grow beyond belief.


Most important, Fehrway’s customers, both the big farmers, as well as, the little hobby farms, and everyone in between … they cater to everyone and are extremely grateful for the opportunity to do business and look forward to serving them in the future.

Dependable customer service stands Fehrway Feeds apart from its competition and quality assurance remains a strong component … “Quality Feeds Begins With Quality Grain”

Fehrway Feeds – Your Farm & Ranch Store with Country Charm