18% Chick Grower


A list of the ingredients used in this feed may be obtained from the manufacturer or registrant. This feed is medicated with Decoquinate at 30mg/kg (0.003) of complete feed. This feed contains added Selenium at 0.117 mg/kg.


As an aid in the prevention of Caecal and Intestinal Coccidiosis caused by Eimeria tenella, E. necatrix, E acervulina, E. brunetti , E.maxima and E. Mitis in broiler chickens.

Feeding Directions

Broiler Chickens

To be fed as a sole ration to broilers from 4 weeks of age, up to slaughter.

Replacement Chickens

To be fed as a sole ration to replacement chicks from 8 weeks of age up to when they begin to lay. At that point, they can be switched to a layer ration.


Do not use this medicated feed for treatment to outbreaks of Coccidiosis.

Consult a veterinarian or poultry pathologist if losses exceed 0.5% in a 2 day period.

Directions for use must be carefully followed.


Do not feed to laying birds.

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