Guaranteed Analysis

Calcium (Actual) 16.0
Phosphorus (Actual) 8.0
Magnesium (Actual) 1.8
Potassium (Actual) 0.8
Iron (Actual) 51,000 mg/kg
Iodine (Actual) 200 mg/kg
Copper (Actual) 2,500 mg/kg
Manganese (Actual) 5,000 mg/kg
Zinc (Actual) 10,000 mg/kg
Cobalt (Actual) 10 mg/kg
Fluorine Max. 2,000 mg/kg
Vitamin A Min. 700,000 iu/kg
Vitamin D Min. 70,000 iu/kg
Vitamin E Min. 1,400 iu/kg

2:1 Range Cattle Premix

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A list of the ingredients used in this feed may be obtained from the manufacturer or registrant. This feed contains added Selenium at 40mg/kg.


Feed at the rate of 50 to 100 g/head/day mixed into the daily grain ration, or as follows, feeding 2 to 3 kg/head/day of complete ration.

Sample Ration

Fehrway Feeds 2:1 Range Cattle Premix 25 kg
Grain 975 kg
Total 1,000 kg


Directions for use must be carefully followed.

Do not feed this premix to sheep.

Do not use this feed in association with another grain ration, supplement, or premix containing supplemental Selenium.