Ostlund Falls Co. Pluto’s Snack Chicken & Egg Meatballs Dog Treat

Ingredients: Chicken w/ Bone, Whole Eggs, Roasted Soybeans, Carrots, Spring Wheat, Yellow Corn

Treat your fur friend to a sizable portion of these treats or mix them in his regular meal! With their undeniably good flavour, Bowzer will be quick to perform to receive a few of these healthy rewards.

With all of the health benefits of healthy chicken protein, the powerful egg & carrot antioxidant package (to maintain eye health and to produce healthy skin and sleek, shiny fur) plus the wide array of natural vitamins and minerals found in the spring wheat and yellow corn, these are an exceptionally healthy treat. Eggs – correctly called “Natures Multivitamin”- and roasted soybeans have a fantastically balanced broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Go ahead and give in to your pets indulgences, knowing that every morsel brings them more of the farm freshness!

These treats are gently baked and then low-temperature dehydrated to lock in product freshness.

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